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Normandy Island, Papua New Guinea Pacific Research Archives
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Reverend Harry T. Williams, Megalithic art structures found on Normandy Island, Papua.

  • AU ANUA 606
  • Series
  • c1940

Reverend Henry Williams was a Methodist Missionary on Normandy Island 1930 - 1945. In December 1940, during a pastoral and medical patrol to Sewa Bay, the inhabitants spoke of strange stones with unusual markings, which prompted Reverend Williams to record the site and conduct further research. The paper is in three parts, with varying contents including: Introduction ; The site of the stones ; General observations on the site ; The story of the stones ; A curious cave terminal ; The engravers and their tools ; Features in the designs ; The builders from whence? ; Primitive engravers. Includes text, maps, plates and hand-drawn illustrations.

Williams, Harry T