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Modern Monthly

  • AU NBAC S471
  • Serial

New York. An independent radical magazine, affiliated with no party

World Trade Union News

  • AU NBAC S467
  • Serial

Vienna, London. Bulletin published by the World Federation of Trade Unions

World Federation of Trade Unions

World Trade Union Movement

  • AU NBAC S466
  • Serial

Paris, London, Prague. A monthly review of the world trade union movement

Die Weltbuhne

  • AU NBAC S453
  • Serial

Berlin. Verlag der Weltbuhne. Holdings: 1948 - 1969 (incomplete)

Weekly People

  • AU NBAC S452
  • Serial

Brooklyn, NY. Official organ of the Socialist Labor Party

Weekly News Letter

  • AU NBAC S451
  • Serial

Melbourne. Issued by the Department of Labour and Industry, Victoria

Department of Labour and Industry, Victoria

UE News (New York)

  • AU NBAC S425
  • Serial

New York. Published by United Electric, Radio and Machine Workers of America

UE News (Canada)

  • AU NBAC S424
  • Serial

Toronto. Published by District Five Council, United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America


  • AU NBAC S418
  • Serial

Sydney. The Journal of the University of New South Wales Student Union


  • AU NBAC S415
  • Serial

Sydney. The journal of the Association of Superannuation and Provident Funds of Australia

Association of Superannuation and Provident Funds

Steel Labor

  • AU NBAC S414
  • Serial

Indianapolis. The Voice of the United Steelworkers of America

Brian William Brogan papers relating to development programs

  • AU ANUA 310
  • Series
  • 1978 - 2008

Most of the papers are proposals and reports on particular development programs from Brogan’s role as Director of the Asia Program in the National Centre for Development Studies and the National Graduate School of Management. They relate to projects in Vietnam, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, India, East Timor and China, particularly under the China Australia Governance Program. There are also some photographs of course participants and training materials. Also contains research and government papers relating to the Papua New Guinea government and economy.

Brogan, Brian

Papers relating to population in the Pacific Islands

  • AU ANUA 309
  • Series
  • 1924 - 1967

Papers relate to McArthur’s work on population in the Pacific Islands, includes research notes and census data. Also includes copies of McArthur’s work 'Population of Pacific Islands' parts 1, 3, 6-9.

McArthur, Norma Ruth

Richard Gilson Pacific Research papers on Samoa

  • AU ANUA 308
  • Series
  • 1830 - 1954

Research papers, drafts and notes on the Pacific Islands, with particular focus on the Cook Islands and Samoa relating to the publications Samoa 1830-1900, 1970 and The Cook Islands 1820-1950, 1980. Including material on Fiji, French Polynesia, Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony (Kiribati), Niue and PNG. Papers relating to the German Administration of Western Samoa, translated into English by Mrs Trudi Newbury, and collected by R.P. Gilson from Archives New Zealand.

Gilson, Richard

Ethel Drus research papers on Fiji

  • AU ANUA 307
  • Series
  • 1823 - 1907, 1959

Copies of and notes about archival material on Fiji. Date(s) given are from research notes. Dispatches from the Colonial Office to the Governor; Secretariat correspondence; Royal Gazettes; Admiral’s in-letters; Minute papers; Dispatches between the Secretary of State and the Governor.

Drus, Ethel

Papers relating to the Methodist Church in Papua New Guinea and Rev Threlfall’s research on Papua New Guinea

  • AU ANUA 305
  • Series
  • 1875 - 1985

Documents and research notes relating to the Methodist Church in Papua New Guinea and Reverend Threlfall’s research on Papua New Guinea.

Items 1 - 14 : Methodist Mission Papers: Minutes and reports of New Britain District Synods, 1896 to 1941; including Study Papers presented to the 1932 Synod.
Items 15 - 24 : United Church Papers: Minutes of the New Guinea Islands Regional Synod of the United Church of New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, 1969, 1971-75 and 1979-82.
Items 25 - 40: Early Contacts and Settlements: Including extracts from New Bedford Whalers’ Logs notes from the memoirs of Eduoard Hernsheim, etc.
Items 41 - 78: German New Guinea: Official reports and other documents. Chinese settlers (Cahill, Wu).
Items 79 - 88: World War I. The Expropriation of German Properties (including Pat Hopper’s thesis, 'Kicking out the Hun').
Items 89 - 99: The Australian Mandated Territory, between World Wars 1 and 2.
Items 100 - 119: Extracts from Albert Hahl, 'Governor in New Guinea'. More notes from the between-wars period.
Items 120 - 129: Geological and volcanic history, especially the 1937 and 1941-43 eruptions.
Items 130 - 142: Post-WWII material; in particular land claims and disputes on the Gazelle Peninsula; Gazelle Peninsula/Rabaul. Problems over land & multi-racial Gazelle Peninsula Local Government Council, murder of District Commissioner Jack Emanuel, the trial and notes on the Tolai situation and the establishment of provincial government.
Items 143 - 172: Gazelle Peninsula/Rabaul and the problems over land and the multi-racial council.
Items 173 - 200: Pre World War 2 material: defence arrangements in Rabaul 1939 - 1941, the Japanese invasion in January 1942, personal memoirs, interviews from persons from 1910 - post World War 2.
Items 201 - 225: Chronology of prisoners' movements, civilians and soldiers, the Chinese in Chinatown until 1943.
Items 226 - 278: Methodist and United Church Papers, notes on New Britain/New Ireland from church papers in the PNG Collection, University of Papua New Guinea Library.

Threlfall, Neville A

Photographs of Banaba (Ocean Island)

  • AU ANUA 302
  • Series
  • c. 1914 - 1915

Photographs of life on Banaba, shipping, Island scenes, Europeans and Islanders

Doutch, Frederick William

Smoke Signals

  • AU NBAC S404
  • Serial

Melbourne. Official organ of the Aborigines Advancement League (Vic)


  • AU NBAC S394
  • Serial

Dar es Salaam. Official organ of the African National Congress of South Africa


  • AU NBAC S389
  • Serial

Melbourne. Published by the Union Publicity Council. Trade Union Defence Committee

Scientific World

  • AU NBAC S388
  • Serial

London. Published by the World Federation of Scientific Workers


  • AU NBAC S372
  • Serial

Melbourne. Published by the Trade Union Industrial Information Office

The Rationalist

  • AU NBAC S371
  • Serial

Melbourne. Published by the Rationalist Association of Australia

New Guinea

  • AU NBAC S367
  • Serial

Sydney. Published by the Council on New Guinea Affairs


  • AU NBAC S358
  • Serial

Melbourne. Organ of the Melbourne University Labor Club

Problems of Communism

  • AU NBAC S355
  • Serial

Washington. Published by the US Information Agency

United States Information Service


  • AU NBAC S352
  • Serial

Melbourne. Monash Peoples' Daily, published by the Monash Labor Club

The People's Korea

  • AU NBAC S344
  • Serial

Tokyo. Published by Chosun Shinbosa

The Peacemaker

  • AU NBAC S342
  • Serial

Melbourne, Sydney. Published by the Federal Pacifist Council of Australia, Australian section of the War Resisters International

Federal Pacifist Council of Australia


  • AU NBAC S340
  • Serial

Melbourne. A socialist youth broadsheet, published by the Young Socialist Democrats


  • AU NBAC S336
  • Serial

Sydney. An independent Socialist journal. A forum for fact, thought and opinion in the cause of socialism in Australia

No More Hiroshimas

  • AU NBAC S332
  • Serial

Tokyo. Published by the Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs

New Times

  • AU NBAC S328
  • Serial

Moscow. A Soviet weekly journal of world affairs, appearing in Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Rumanian and Swedish

New Theatre Review

  • AU NBAC S327
  • Serial

Melbourne. Printed for Mrs L Diamond, New Theatre Club

New Masses

  • AU NBAC S318
  • Serial

New York. Published by Weekly Masses. United with Mainstream to form Masses and Mainstream

The New Leader

  • AU NBAC S317
  • Serial

New York. Published by the American Labour Conference on International Affairs

New China News

  • AU NBAC S316
  • Serial

Melbourne. Published by the New China Newsagency (Hsinhua)

Moscow News

  • AU NBAC S309
  • Serial

Moscow. Published in the Soviet Union. Incorporates Moscow Daily News Feb 1938

Malayan Monitor and General News

  • AU NBAC S306
  • Serial

London. Published by H B Lim and then Pusat Tenaga and the All Malaya Council of Joint Action

The Left News

  • AU NBAC S304
  • Serial

London. Published by Victor Gollancz Ltd. To Nov 1936 as Left Book News. From Jun 1941 includes International Socialist Forum Supplement

Labour Review

  • AU NBAC S303
  • Serial

London. Published by New Park Publications

Labour News (USA)

  • AU NBAC S286
  • Serial

London. Published by the United States Information Service

United States Information Service

Labor News Digest (USA)

  • AU NBAC S285
  • Serial

Sydney. Published by the United States Information Service

United States Information Service

Labour Monthly (London)

  • AU NBAC S284
  • Serial

London. Published by the proprietors, The Trinity Trust

Labor Comment

  • AU NBAC S280
  • Serial

Melbourne. Published by the Australian Labor Party, Victorian Branch

Australian Labor Party

Labour in Israel

  • AU NBAC S283
  • Serial

Tel Aviv. Published by the General Federation of Labour in Israel

Labor College Review

  • AU NBAC S279
  • Serial

Melbourne. Published by the Victorian Labor College

Victorian Labor College

Labour: a magazine for all workers

  • AU NBAC S278
  • Serial

London. Published by the Trades Union Congress. Formed by the union of Labour Bulletin, Labour Magazine and Industrial Review

Trades Union Congress

Jewish Advocate

  • AU NBAC S274
  • Serial

Melbourne. Published by the Jewish Council to Combat Fascism and Anti-Semitism, 1956-1959

Jewish Council to Combat Fascism and Anti-Semitism

Jewish Council Newsletter

  • AU NBAC S275
  • Serial

Melbourne. Published by the Jewish Council to Combat Fascism and Anti-Semitism, 1948-1951

Jewish Council to Combat Fascism and Anti-Semitism

International Labour Review

  • AU NBAC S269
  • Serial

Geneva. Published by the International Labour Office. To 1946 includes Statistical Supplement which is superseded by Bulletin of Labour Statistics

International Labour Office

Harold Brookfield papers, field diaries, photographs and aerial photographs

  • AU ANUA 599
  • Series
  • 1958 - 1988

The collection includes fifty field notebooks, as well as photographs, negatives and aerial photographs related to his research in the Pacific region, including the countries - Papua New Guinea and Bougainville, Solomon Islands, New Hebrides, New Caledonia, Fiji and The Philippines. The photographs in this collection have not been listed. They can be found in box 3 (1 Type 5 box) and in boxes 4 - 7 (4 grey albums).

Brookfield, Harold Chillingworth

Map of Taveuni, Fiji

  • AU ANUA 294
  • Series
  • c. 1890s - 1930s

Map shows plantations that existed on Taveuni in the 1890s and relates to Brookfield’s research for the publication – ‘Tavenui: land, population and production’, Canberra: Development Studies Centre, ANU for UNESCO, 1978.

Brookfield, Harold Chillingworth

ILO News, then ILO Panorama

  • AU NBAC S267
  • Serial

Geneva. Published by the International Labour Office

International Labour Office

Early Australian maps

  • AU ANUA 289
  • Series
  • 1848 - 1947

This small collection of folded maps is attributed to Professor Spate who acquired them for the cartographic collection in the Department of Human Geography. Some are annotated with catalogue numbers. There is also a map of France and one of Lahore in India.

Spate, Oskar Hermann Khristian

Diaries and tape recordings – Research on oral traditions among the Enga of the New Guinea Highlands

  • AU ANUA 276
  • Series
  • 1972 - 1975

Research material probably relating to Lacey’s 1975 PhD Thesis 'Oral traditions as history: an exploration of oral sources among the Enga of the New Guinea highlands'

118 tape recordings of oral histories, legends and genealogies. Compact cassettes C60, C90 and long play tapes.

19 field diaries and notebooks kept by Lacey, recording his research progress, process and details of interviews.

Lacey, Roderic John

Pacific cartoons and newsletters

  • AU ANUA 273
  • Series
  • 1989 - 1991

Between 1989 and 1991 Macpherson drew the cartoons anonymously for the Samoa Observer. While working for the Department of Education, Western Samoa he created and edited Our World Too, a newsletter for young people in Samoa.

Macpherson, Colin Robert

Alan Ward research papers on Pacific Island land matters

  • AU ANUA 272
  • Series
  • 1945 - 1997

Almost half of this record group is concerned with PNG. These papers were gathered when Ward was Lecturer in History at the University of Papua New Guinea and adviser to the Land Evaluation and Demarcation Project Study (LEAD). The collection includes correspondence, notes, articles and papers, draft legislation and press cuttings.

A small portion of these papers relate to politics and land matters in Australia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Africa, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Vanuatu, Banaba, French Polynesia and Guadeloupe.

The remainder of the documents are mainly concerned with New Caledonia between 1947 and 1990 and were assembled by Ward at La Trobe University, Melbourne, through the 1980s, particularly during the years of political uncertainty in the French Territory from 1984 to 1990

Ward, Alan Dudley

Free Labour World

  • AU NBAC S263
  • Serial

Brussels. Official journal of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

Fact (incorporates Labor)

  • AU NBAC S260
  • Serial

Melbourne. National newspaper of the Australian Labor Party

Australian Labor Party

China Reconstructs

  • AU NBAC S236
  • Serial

Shanghai. Published by China Welfare Institute

China Monthly Review

  • AU NBAC S235
  • Serial

Shanghai. Published by China Monthly Reivew publishing company

Change Over

  • AU NBAC S234
  • Serial

Melbourne. Issued by the Ministry of Post War Reconstruction. 1948 Nos. 1-7 in Deposit E256/811

Australia. Department of Post-war Reconstruction

Sarah Walls, interviews with Jean-Marie Tjibaou

  • AU ANUA 271
  • Series
  • 1988-1989, 2007

Sarah Walls, a journalist who covered New Caledonia for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, conducted two interviews with Kanak independence leader Jean-Marie Tjibaou in the year before his assassination in 1989. Walls interviewed Tjibaou soon after the signing in June 1988 of the Matignon Accord, the peace plan for New Caledonia following the four-year conflict over independence. These interviews provide insights into Tjibaous's personal views on the peace plan, his hopes for the future of the Kanak people and his ideas relating to multiracial society 'one founded on recognition of Kanak sovereignty, and extending a welcome to those who came later'.

Walls, Sarah

James Jupp's papers on Vanuatu

  • AU ANUA 270
  • Series
  • 1973 - 1984

Correspondence, 1978-1981
Articles, 1978-1986
Conference & workshop papers, 1980-1982
Press cuttings/reports, 1977-1982
Files on politics in Vanuatu, 1975-1980

Jupp, James

John Ballard's Pacific research papers

  • AU ANUA 268
  • Series
  • 1947 - 1991

The papers cover John Ballard’s political research in the Pacific Islands of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Micronesia and Fiji. The majority of the collection is focused on Papua New Guinea where John Ballard was involved with the development of the political system leading up to and following independence in 1975. The papers also concern the Public Service administration courses John Ballard taught at the University of Papua New Guinea. There are a number of government related papers for the Pacific Islands.

Ballard, John Addison

The Beacon

  • AU NBAC S223
  • Serial

Melbourne. Official organ of the Unitarian Church

Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church

Australian Quarterly

  • AU NBAC S220
  • Serial

Sydney. Published by the Australian Institute of Political Science

Ric Shand research papers on Papua New Guinea and India

  • AU ANUA 261
  • Series
  • 1947 - 1992

Boxes 1-7 (Items 1 - 84) are Pacific research papers, unpublished papers, and publications on rural development, economics and labour in Papua New Guinea. Includes reports of Board of Inquiry on rural wages and related matters (1970), theses, and maps. A small number of publications on Fiji, Samoa and the Torres Strait.
Boxes 8 - 16 (Items 85 - 101) are objects from Ric Shand's collection.
Boxes 17 - 30 were added to the collection in 2017 and relate to Shand's work on the economic development of India. The archive was created for a publication but he died before it was written up. There are indexes to the contents of these boxes in the shared drive, and also a printed index in Box 17, but no item listing.

Shand, Richard Tregurtha

Helen Groger-Wurm papers

  • AU ANUA 260
  • Series
  • 1921 - 2005

Diaries, 1931-2002
Film and theatre albums, 1932-1990s
Personal papers, 1921-2001
Large format material, 1920s-1982
Correspondence, 1956-2005
University research material, 1940s-1950s
Research materials, 1950s-2000
MAGNT Aboriginal Art Collection, 1960s-1970s
National Museum of Australia catalogue, 1992
Sound recordings, 1960s
Indigenous photographs, 1950s-1960s
Photograph albums, 1923-2005
Slides, 1954-1970
Movie films, 1960-1974
Super 8 films, 1974-1988
Videos, 1990-2000
Obituaries and condolences (for SA Wurm), 2001-2002

Groger-Wurm, Helen

Stephen Wurm papers

  • AU ANUA 233
  • Series
  • 1922 - 2001

Correspondence, 1949–1987
Administrative papers, RSPAS, 1970–1994
Language journals, 1939–1966
Turkic language research notes, 1940s
Language research papers: Papua New Guinea, 1950s–90s, Solomon Islands, 1950s–90s, Pacific languages, Australian languages, 1950s–90s, languages – general, 1950s–90s
Atlases and maps, 1932–1980s
Index cards
Language recordings, 1950s–1990s: Papua New Guinea, 1956–1970,
Australian Aboriginal, 1957–1964, Solomon Islands, 1965–1970
Conferences and seminars, 1965–1970
Published articles by SA Wurm, 1940–2000
Periodicals, 1935–1981
Personal documents, 1922–1988
Awards, 1967–1988
Academic gown and large format material
Maps, 1940–1975

Wurm, Stephen Adolphe

Some problems of development in New Guinea by Oskar Spate, CS Belshaw and Professor Swan and related papers

  • AU ANUA 170
  • Series
  • 1951 - 1956

This file contains a report on the visit to New Guinea by Professor Raymond Firth, Professor Jim Davidson and Professor Oskar Spate in October-November 1951, a report ‘Some problems of development in New Guinea’ by Spate, CS Belshaw and Professor Swan, March 1953, and papers relating to PM Worsley a student in the Research School who was denied entry into New Guinea by the Department of Territories.

Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies

Dalgety's Review

  • AU NBAC S55
  • Serial
  • 1914 - 1916

Issues for Dec 1914, Oct & Nov 1915 and Jul & Sep 1916 are held in S56 (Dalgety's Wool Review), being bound into the volume for 1915-1922 of that publication. Issues for the period Jan to Sep 1916 are also held in one bound volume.

Dalgety and Company Limited

Association for Tertiary Education Management deposit

  • AU NBAC Z614
  • Deposit
  • 1976 - 2004

The deposit consists of records from the New South Wales Branch and the National Office. Records of the New South Wales Branch consist of Secretary's files, President's files (Max Schroder), and Vice-President's files: minutes, agenda papers financial records, annual reports, correspondence, nomination forms for positions of office bearers, membership applications and reports. Records from the National Office include: governance and policy records, President's files (Arthur Hunt), minutes and agenda papers of Council and Executive meetings, reports, branch and national conference records, files of the AITEA travel fellowship, printed material and corporate products.

Association for Tertiary Education Management Incorporated

Pensioner's Voice

  • AU NBAC S1148
  • Serial

Sydney. Combined Pensioners' Association of NSW

Combined Pensioners' Association of New South Wales

International Communist Front Organisations

  • AU NBAC S1091
  • Serial

A survey compiled from the press, radio and various publications. Compiled monthly. Holdings 1964 - 1978 (incomplete). Includes related title at S1091A

Women of the World

  • AU NBAC S1038
  • Serial

Journal of the WIDF. Holdings 1951 - 1990 (incomplete)

Women's International Democratic Federation

NSW Police News

  • AU NBAC S836
  • Serial

Sydney. Official organ of the Police Association of NSW

Police Association of New South Wales

Australian Nurses Journal (Melbourne)

  • AU NBAC S217
  • Serial

Melbourne. Published by the Royal Australian Nursing Federation as its official journal. Holdings: 1971 - 1986 (incomplete)

Australian Nursing Federation

ATOF Airlines

  • AU NBAC S809
  • Serial

Sydney. Published by the Australian Transport Officers' Federation, Airlines Division

Australian Transport Officers' Federation

IRIS Survey

  • AU NBAC S502
  • Serial

London. Published by Industrial Research and Information Services Ltd

The Australasian Typographical Journal

  • AU NBAC S179
  • Serial

Melbourne. Circulated in the printing and allied trades in Australia and New Zealand. Now Printing Trades Journal S354. Holdings: 1882 - 1916 (incomplete)

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