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Intercolonial Investment, Land and Building Company deposit

  • 23
  • Deposit
  • 1885 - 1957

Annual reports, financial records, correspondence, ledgers, journals, wages journals, building accounts, register of properties offered for sale, agreements for sale of land, loans applications book, paid out securities, real estate maps (Sydney a...

Intercolonial Investment, Land and Building Company Limited

Aberdare Railway Company deposit

  • 25
  • Deposit
  • 1902 - 1915

Minute book, correspondence, agreements and financial records

Aberdare Railway Company

James Paterson and Company deposit

  • 26
  • Deposit
  • 1902 - 1947

Private ledgers, cash book and files relating to shipping, particularly in relation to the Associated Steamship Owners and employees.

James Paterson and Company Proprietary Limited

Newcastle Coal Mining Company deposit

  • 27
  • Deposit
  • 1876 - 1946

Memorandum and articles of agreement, minutes, financial records, correspondence, account books of collieries, cargo and train books, annual reports and printed material.

Newcastle Coal Mining Company Limited

Australian Coking and By-Products Company deposit

  • 28
  • Deposit
  • 1909 - 1934

Agreements, minute books, correspondence, financial and legal records, shipping documents, map (Great Northern Railway), and plan of works of the Australian Coking Company

Australian Coking and By-Products Company Limited

B J Ball Limited deposit

  • 29
  • Deposit
  • 1906 - 1957

Company prospectus, financial and sales records, notebook of wages and addresses of staff (Sydney Branch).

B J Ball Limited

Squatting Investment Company deposit 1

  • 3
  • Deposit
  • 1875 - 1952

Minute books, correspondence, financial records, contracts and agreements, share material, documents re land and properties offered for sale, station records including lists of employees and wages, stock and wool returns. Includes the Atlas of Bun...

Squatting Investment Company Limited

Dunlop Rubber Company of Australia Limited deposit 1

  • 31
  • Deposit
  • 1898 - 1950

This deposit includes articles and memorandum of association, financial records, correspondence, advertising, printed material and photographs. The photographs include images of early bicycle, motorcycle and car races including the Melbourne to Sy...

Dunlop Australia Limited

Humes Limited deposit 1

  • 32
  • Deposit
  • 1911 - 1952

Hume Brothers Cement Iron Company Limited, Hume Pipe Company (Australia) Limited, Concrete Constructions Proprietary Limited, Singapore Hume Pipe Company, Hume Pipe (Far East) Limited, Steel Pipe and Lining Company, Bourne Manufacturing and Hume S...

Humes Limited

Johns and Waygood deposit

  • 33
  • Deposit
  • 1877 - 1941

Letter books, ledgers, financial records, wages books, register of shareholders and dividend registers.

Johns and Waygood Limited

ARU News Letter, previously News, later News and Views, Tasmanian Branch

  • 34
  • Deposit
  • 1957 - 1967

ARU News issues held for 1957 to 1959. Renamed the News Letter in 1959, issues held for years 1959 to 1960. In 1961 it was retitled 'News and Views', issues held for 1961 (nos. 2 - 9), and vol. 1 no. 1 (c. 1967) of the newly designed jo...

Australian Railways Union

John McIlwraith and Company deposit

  • 35
  • Deposit
  • 1853 - 1948

Minutes, correspondence, financial and legal records, wages books, records of shipping business McIlwraith, McEacharn & Co Ltd, metal exchange prices, lead pipe book, staff records, blueprints and factory specifications, passport of John McIlw...

John McIlwraith and Company Proprietary Limited

Mort's Dock and Engineering deposit

  • 37
  • Deposit
  • 1873 - 1945

Memorandum and articles of association, minutes, reports, correspondence, shipping papers, accident records, financial and legal records, salary lists and wages books, share registers, photographs and printed material.

Mort's Dock and Engineering Company Limited

Paterson, Laing and Bruce Limited deposit 1

  • 38
  • Deposit
  • 1854 - 1934

Presscopy letterbooks, correspondence, legal agreements, and financial records of JC Young and Company, Paterson, Ray, Palmer and Company, Paterson, Laing and Company, and Paterson, Laing and Bruce Limited.

Paterson, Laing and Bruce Limited

T Brunton and Company deposit

  • 39
  • Deposit
  • 1888 - 1941

Financial records and mill returns

T Brunton and Company Proprietary Limited

Alroy Downs Station deposit

  • 4
  • Deposit
  • 1884 - 1937

Correspondence records, financial records, manager's reports, maps of the Northern Territory and Queensland (1898-1922), diary (1884)

Alroy Downs Station

W G Hart and Son deposit

  • 40
  • Deposit
  • 1875 - 1944

Ledgers, day books, journal, catalogue of iron tools

W G Hart and Son

Victoria River Downs records deposit 1

  • 42
  • Deposit
  • 1909 - 1955

Includes station returns, financial records, correspondence, ledgers, maps and papers relating to the employment of Aboriginal people. Some records relate to other stations owned by Bovril Australian Estates Ltd: Carlton Hill, Walgra, Legune and ...

Victoria River Downs

Victoria / New South Wales milk restructure

  • 43
  • Item
  • 1989 - 1990

Notes, memoranda, deed, Hunter Valley Co-operative Dairy Co newsletter, meeting papers, data, reports and correspondence (including with the Hon. Ian Armstrong OBE MP Minister for Agriculture and Rural Affairs).

Griffith Brothers Proprietary Limited deposit

  • 43
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1928

Minutes, staff records, business notes and instruction book, wages book, register of members and directors, register of mortgages and financial records, newspapers containing advertisements

Griffiths Brothers Proprietary Limited

Allen Taylor and Company deposit

  • 44
  • Deposit
  • 1896 - 1945

Correspondence records, mill director's reports, financial records of saw mills, and journals of Karangi Sawmilling Co (1937 - 1942)

Allen Taylor and Company Limited

Pearson, Rowe, Smith and Company deposit

  • 46
  • Deposit
  • 1884 - 1939

Financial records, registers of properties to be sold or leased, correspondence and papers re acquisition of the company by Goldsbrough Mort & Co Ltd (1936 -1939).

Pearson, Rowe, Smith and Company Proprietary Limited

The Leviathan deposit

  • 48
  • Deposit
  • 1853 - 1961

Financial and legal records, Chairman's speeches, copy of memorandum and articles of association, correspondence, leases and agreements re properties in Melbourne, employee records, plans, photograph of Lewis Sanders and newspaper cuttings.

The Leviathan Limited

The Australian Estates Company Australian Office deposit 1

  • 5
  • Deposit
  • 1885 - 1950

The deposit consists of station accounts and annual reports (for the following stations: Boolcarrol; Brookong; Cambridge Downs; Currango; Elderslie; Kilcummin; Manuka; Mount Margaret; Normanby; The Overflow; Panjee; Piangobla; Springfield;Thackari...

The Australian Estates Company Limited

Corona Station (New South Wales) deposit

  • 51
  • Deposit
  • 1878 - 1911

Ledgers, journals, wool press books, stock records, store and ration accounts, letter books and correspondence. Also includes letter books and financial records of Gnalta Station and some material for Packsaddle Station.

Corona Station (New South Wales)

Urangeline Station deposit

  • 52
  • Deposit
  • 1884 - 1939

Station records including financial and sales records, correspondence, wages records, monthly and annual reports, agreements and papers re land sales and improvements.

Urangeline Station

Paroo Pastoral Company deposit

  • 53
  • Deposit
  • 1924 - 1960

Minute book, share and financial records, liquidators' file, memoranda and articles of association, directors' reports, and correspondence papers.

Paroo Pastoral Company Limited

Nugget Proprietary Limited deposit

  • 54
  • Deposit
  • 1919 - 1944

Financial records, women's saving fund and pension fund accounts, stock book and radio program popularity survey (1944).

Nugget Proprietary Limited

J A Gunn papers

  • 55
  • Deposit
  • 1892 - 1934, 1956

Correspondence, press cuttings, printed material and photographs re John Alexander Gunn, his interests in rabbit control and anthrax, and articles relating to his wife Jessie Maria Gunn (nee Turner) and their sons Alexander and Angus.

Gunn, John Alexander

Greenmount Syndicate deposit

  • 56
  • Deposit
  • 1913 - 1940

Correspondence, financial records, list of shareholders and plans.

Greenmount Syndicate

Bedggood and Company deposit

  • 57
  • Deposit
  • 1895 - 1959

Minutes of Directors' meetings, financial records, wage books, register of apprentices, advertising and printed materials, and photographs

Bedggood and Company Proprietary Limited

Victorian milk report

  • 59
  • Item
  • 1987

Correspondence, reports, meeting papers, notes, discussion papers, newspaper clippings and statements.

Mount Keira and Mount Kembla Collieries deposit

  • 59
  • Deposit
  • 1892 - 1945

Pay and production records, stock book, annual reports and correspondence for Mount Keira Colliery. Records of earnings of miners and daymen, shipping receiving book, stock books, central office time books and pay records for Mount Kembla Colliery.

Mount Keira Colliery

Australian Mercantile Land and Finance Australian Office deposit 1

  • 6
  • Deposit
  • 1855 - 1963

Ledgers; journals; cash books; station financial records and monthly returns (showing information re persons employed, stock, rainfall); reappraisement of rentals of some of the company's stations in the western division of New South Wales be...

Australian Mercantile Land and Finance Company Limited

Mitchell and Company deposit

  • 60
  • Deposit
  • 1891 - 1958

Minutes, financial and sales records, wages books and sheets, and newspaper cuttings.

Mitchell and Company Proprietary Limited

Master plan notes

  • 63
  • Item
  • 1987 - 1992

Winston Watts' correspondence, notes, reports, briefing papers, meeting papers and proposals regarding interstate milk issues.

Fort Bourke Station deposit

  • 63
  • Deposit
  • 1903 - 1947

Legal documents including agreements, crown grants, contracts and endorsements of transfers, mortgage, motor vehicle policies, and correspondence. Some of the documents have been numbered in blue pencil but the significance of this is unclear.

Fort Bourke Station

H B Selby and Company deposit

  • 64
  • Deposit
  • 1889 - 1949

Records from the company's Head Office in Melbourne including correspondence, financial records, stock and price books, and other printed material.

H B Selby and Company Proprietary Limited

B Rosenstamm deposit

  • 66
  • Deposit
  • 1895 - 1947

Financial records and wages books.

B Rosenstamm

Lake George Mines deposit 1

  • 67
  • Deposit
  • 1918 - 1963

Legal documents, correspondence, mine contracts, financial records, extracts from newspapers and journals, pamphlets, prospectuses and company reports, assay certificates, correspondence and materials re industrial matters, staff club magazine, em...

Lake George Mines Proprietary Limited

Corona Station (Queensland) deposit

  • 68
  • Deposit
  • 1918 - 1945

'Some experiences of a Queensland station manager' and other articles in The Pastoral Review (1943-1945), written by Mr Thomas L Armstrong as manager, Corona Station, 1917-1941, and photographs of the Armstrong family members and variou...

Corona Station (Queensland)

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