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Oral history transcripts and interviews

  • AU ANUA 44
  • Series
  • 1982 - 1996

These are recordings and transcripts of interviews with ANU academic and general staff for the 60th anniversary and other history projects.

Foster, Stephen Glynn

Minutes of the Board of Graduate Studies

  • AU ANUA 26
  • Series
  • 1950 - 1960

The original signed minutes are bound in three volumes and extend from 4 December 1950 to the last meeting on 23 September 1960. At the end of the third volume there are also minutes of the Board of the Institute of Advanced Studies from 28 Octobe...

Board of Graduate Studies

Sir Jack Crawford papers, photographs and awards

  • AU ANUA 17
  • Series

The papers include addresses made by Crawford from 1933 to 1982, including the Buntine Oration in 1968 and the Sir Robert Garran Oration in 1969. There are medals, degrees and certificates presented to Crawford, and photographs, including albums r...

Crawford, John Grenfell

Woodford, C M, 'The canoes of the British Solomon Islands', Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, Vol XXXIX, July - Dec 1909, pp 506 - 516. Two copies

One copy of the reprint has been edited in Woodford's hand in red. The island of Ysabel should read New Georgia:Plate XLI - Head-hunting canoe from Ysabel (New Georgia)Plate XLII - Head-hunting canoe from Ysabel (New Georgia)Plate XLIII - Hea...

Mervyn Paterson's papers and drawings relating to HPT machines

  • AU ANUA 665
  • Series
  • 1961 - 2011

The laboratory notebooks include calculations, notes and designs relating to the High Pressure High Temperature (HPT) apparatus which Paterson developed for research into rock deformation in the Department of Geophysics in the Research School of P...

Paterson, Mervyn

Country subject files from the Division of Pacific and Asian History

  • AU ANUA 420
  • Series
  • 1926 - 1986

Contains subject files and newsletters on countries kept by the Division of Pacific and Asian History: Cook Islands, Fiji, Gilbert and Ellis Island, Indonesia, Malaysia, Micronesia, New Caledonia, Papua/New Guinea, New Hebrides, New Zealand, Nauru...

ANU Division of Pacific and Asian History

Te Rangi Hiroa Essays 1983.

Includes one essay: Sue McLachlan (University of Auckland), “Savage Island or Savage History? An interpretation of Early European Contact with Niue”, 25pp, and appendices.

Te Rangi Hiroa Essays 1979.

Includes the following essays: Ray Wood (Macquarie University), “Does the revisionist explanation of the Pacific Labour Trade need to be revised?”, p/c, 21pp ; Beverley Anne Miller (Macquarie University), “What role did women play and what status...

Te Rangi Hiroa Essays 1976.

Includes essays by S. C Moss, “Whither Thou Goest … An impression of the wives of Presbyterian missionaries in the Southern New Hebrides”, 26pp ; K. G. Willey, “The Effect of the Labour Trade (blackbirding) on the social organisation and history o...

Te Rangi Hiroa applications for research grants 1974.

Includes minutes of meetings of the Te Rangi Hiroa Trustees, 3 Jul & 19 Nov 1974, and correspondence re the 1973 Essay Competition, together with the following essay: Piula Funaki, “An Historic First”, Nov 1974, [re the first South Pacific Fes...

Te Rangi Hiroa Essays 1974.

S. Latukefu's letter to Dotty Shineberg, 14 May 1974, about the award of essay prize, together with the following essays: Jonathan Scott, “Account for the loss of Samoan independence. Relate to their inability to form a strong stable island g...

Te Rangi Hiroa Essays 1974.

Includes the following essays: Ailsa Stent (La Trobe University), “The Curaçoa Affair: various views of a naval bombardment in the South Pacific”, December 1974, 30pp ; Maryanne McGill (University of Adelaide), “What general conclusions about race...

Te Rangi Hiroa Essays 1973.

Includes the following essays: Laurel Heath,“Education in the Mariana Islands 1668-1941”, p/c, 22pp ; Linda Latham, “The Trentinian Report and the 1878 Revolt in New Caledonia”, 31pp ; Trevor Parr (University of Papua New Guinea), “The Impact of...

Te Rangi Hiroa Essays 1972.

Includes the following essays: Sister M. Paula Christine smsm (Sweeney), “Themes of Conflict and Unity in Samoa from Pre-contact to the Steinberger Regime” ; John Weissel, “A critical examination of Douglas Oliver’s statement that, ‘Many villages ...

Te Rangi Hiroa Fund 1973, Minutes of meetings.

Copies of minutes of meetings of the Te Rangi Hiroa Fund Trustees, 5 March, 19 April, 18 June 1973 ; 3 July and 19 November 1974; 17 February 1976, together with meeting agendas and some correspondence, including recommendation by Jim Davidson for...

Te Rangi Hiroa Essays 1970.

Includes the following essays: J. M. Takovong, 'The Mataungan Association', 2 copies, Ms, 19pp, and 13pp ; P. J. A Clark (University of Auckland), 'European contact and the emergence of the Tongan Monarchy', 18pp ; John Dougl...

Te Rangi Hiroa Trust Deeds.

Deeds dated 24 April 1968 ( 2 copies) and 14 November 1974, together with draft dated 1967, correspondence, 1967 - 1968 and 1974, and copy of minutes of meeting of the Te Rangi Hiroa Fund Trustees held 3 July 1974.

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